Two cars same policy accident

Accidents involving two cars insured under the same policy happen, and here’s how insurance typically handles them:

Separate Claims:

The insurance company will treat it as two separate collision claims, even though it’s one policy. Each driver will likely have their own adjuster assigned to investigate the accident.
Determining Fault: Figuring out who’s at fault becomes crucial. The adjusters will work independently to assess the accident and assign blame.

Following Standard Procedure:


Once fault is established, the insurer will proceed following the usual claim process for the at-fault driver. Their insurance will cover repairs for the other car, minus the deductible.

Deductible Applies:

Generally, only the at-fault driver’s deductible applies. The other driver shouldn’t have to pay their deductible if they weren’t responsible for the accident.

Here are some additional points to consider:

Conflict Avoidance: The insurer might take extra steps to avoid a conflict of interest. This could involve assigning different adjusters or having a more rigorous review process.

Policy Wording: Always refer to your specific policy wording to understand how it handles these situations. There could be exceptions or limitations depending on your insurer.

If you’re involved in an accident with another car on the same policy, it’s wise to collect information as usual (pictures, witness details) and report the accident to your insurance company promptly. They can guide you through the specific claim process.


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