Top 10 workers’ comp insurance companies

Choosing the “top 10” workers’ comp insurance companies can depend on what criteria you prioritize, as different resources may rank them differently based on factors like market share, financial stability, customer service, or policy options. However, here are some frequently mentioned companies in various top lists:

Top 10 workers' comp insurance companies

By Market Share and Size:

  1. Travelers: A leading national carrier with extensive experience and resources.
  2. The Hartford: Another long-standing player known for its strong financial standing and risk management expertise.
  3. Berkshire Hathaway: Diversified holding company offering various insurance products, including workers’ comp, through its subsidiaries.
  4. Zurich Insurance: Global insurance giant with a significant presence in the US worker’s comp market.
  5. AmTrust Financial Services: Growing insurer focused on small and mid-sized businesses.
  6. Chubb: Specialty insurance carrier known for its high-quality coverage and personalized service.
  7. Liberty Mutual: Large national insurer offering a range of insurance products, including workers’ comp.
  8. New York State Insurance Fund: State-run insurer providing workers’ comp coverage in New York.
  9. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: Non-profit mutual insurance company serving Michigan and beyond, also offering workers’ comp.

By Other Factors:

  • Forbes Advisor: Features companies like CopperPoint, Erie, Everest Insurance, Great American, ICW, Pinnacol Assurance, Texas Mutual, and Arch Capital, highlighting their competitive rates and customer service.
  • PropertyCasualty360: Focuses on larger carriers, mentioning Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, Travelers, Amtrust, and Chubb along with regional players like The Mutual of Omaha and WCF Insurance.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider your specific needs and priorities: Analyze your industry, risk profile, desired coverage levels, and budget when comparing companies.
  • Look beyond market share: Research factors like claims handling reputation, safety programs offered, and return-to-work initiatives.
  • Get quotes from multiple companies: Compare rates, coverage levels, and service offerings before making a decision.

Remember, the “best” workers’ comp insurance company for you will depend on your specific circumstances. Do your research, compare options, and seek professional advice if needed to make an informed decision.


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