Christian dating questions

Dating within the Christian faith comes with unique considerations and questions that help build a strong, faith-based relationship. Here are some key questions to consider when dating as a Christian.

What Are Your Beliefs and Values?

Christian dating questions

A fundamental aspect of Christian dating is ensuring that both individuals share similar beliefs and values. It’s essential to discuss your faith openly and honestly. Questions like “How do you live out your faith daily?” and “What role does prayer play in your life?” can help you understand each other’s spiritual journey. Discussing church involvement, Bible study habits, and views on key theological issues can provide insight into your compatibility.

About Faith and Beliefs

How did you come to know Christ?
How often do you read the Bible?
What is your favorite Bible verse or story, and why?
How important is prayer in your daily life?
How do you feel God has worked in your life recently?
What role does church play in your life?
How do you handle spiritual doubts or questions?
What are some of your favorite Christian books or authors?
How do you feel about the role of women/men in the church?
How do you interpret the Bible’s teachings on relationships and marriage?

Personal Values and Goals

What are your top three personal values?
How do you define success in life?
What are your long-term career goals?
What role does faith play in your decision-making process?
How do you spend your free time?
What are some of your personal strengths and weaknesses?
How do you handle conflict and disagreements?
What does a balanced life look like to you?
How important is community service or volunteering to you?
What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

Family and Relationships

How was your relationship with your parents growing up?
What family traditions are important to you?
How do you view the role of a husband/wife?
What are your views on parenting and discipline?
How important is family time to you?
What qualities do you admire in your parents’ marriage?
How do you plan to balance work and family life?
How do you handle family conflicts?
How many children do you hope to have?
What are your thoughts on adoption?
Church and Community Involvement
How often do you attend church services?
Are you involved in any church ministries or groups?
How important is it to you to be active in your church community?
What are your thoughts on tithing?
How do you serve others in your community?
What kind of church do you feel most comfortable in?
How do you feel about mission trips or outreach programs?
How do you prefer to worship (e.g., traditional hymns vs. contemporary worship)?
What role do church leaders play in your life?
How do you think we can grow spiritually as a couple?

Faith and Daily Life

How do you integrate your faith into your work?
What does a typical day of devotional time look like for you?
How do you handle stress and anxiety from a faith perspective?
What are some ways you keep your faith strong during tough times?
How do you share your faith with others?
What are some of your spiritual goals for the next year?
How do you feel about public displays of faith?
How do you stay accountable in your spiritual walk?
What role does forgiveness play in your life?
How do you see God’s hand in everyday events?

Hopes and Dreams

What are some of your biggest dreams and aspirations?
How do you envision your future family life?
What role do you think God has for you in the future?
What are some personal goals you hope to achieve?
How do you see us growing together in our faith?
What are your thoughts on travel and exploring new cultures?
What are some places you’d love to visit?
How do you see your career evolving over time?
What are your dreams for your community or society?
How do you envision our life together in 10 years?

Lifestyle and Interests

What are your favorite hobbies and activities?
How do you like to spend your weekends?
What types of music do you enjoy?
How do you feel about social media?
What are your views on entertainment (movies, TV shows, etc.)?
How do you stay healthy and fit?
What are your favorite books or movies?
How do you handle finances and budgeting?
What is your favorite way to relax?
How important is travel and adventure to you?
Character and Personal Growth
How do you seek personal growth?
What are some areas you’d like to improve in your life?
How do you handle criticism and feedback?
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
How do you build and maintain relationships with friends?
What are some challenges you’ve faced and overcome?
How do you practice gratitude in your daily life?
What does integrity mean to you?
How do you define and pursue happiness?
What motivates you to get out of bed each morning?
Views on Relationships and Marriage

How do you define love?

What do you think are the most important qualities in a partner?
How do you handle disagreements in a relationship?
What are your views on gender roles in marriage?
How important is physical affection to you?
What are your thoughts on financial responsibility in marriage?
How do you express love and appreciation?
What are your views on intimacy in a relationship?
How do you think we can support each other’s dreams and goals?
What are your thoughts on divorce and remarriage?

Communication and Conflict Resolution

How do you prefer to communicate in a relationship?
How do you handle misunderstandings?
What are your strategies for resolving conflicts?
How do you feel about seeking counsel or therapy?
How do you express your needs and desires?
What is the best way for me to support you during difficult times?
How do you ensure we have quality time together?
What are your thoughts on setting boundaries in a relationship?
How do you approach difficult conversations?
How can we keep Christ at the center of our relationship?

These questions can help you understand each other better, strengthen your bond, and ensure that you are both aligned in your faith and life goals.


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