5 Military friendly online colleges

Military service equips you with valuable skills and discipline. But for many veterans and active service members, continuing education can feel out of reach. The good news is, numerous excellent online colleges cater specifically to military needs. These institutions offer flexible schedules, understand the unique challenges faced by service members, and often provide financial aid specifically for veterans.

Here are five military-friendly online colleges to jumpstart your research:

5 Military friendly online colleges

1. Thomas Edison State University:

TESU is a champion for military education. They boast over 100 online programs and certificates, at rates considerably lower for active military and veterans. TESU is a leader in military credit transfer, making it easier to leverage your service experience. Additionally, they offer dedicated support services for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

2. University of Florida:

UF consistently ranks high on “military-friendly” lists. They offer a vast selection of online bachelor’s degrees, with top-rated programs in business and psychology. The university is committed to veteran success, providing resources like academic advisors specializing in veterans’ affairs and a dedicated veterans’ resource center.

3. Pennsylvania State University World Campus:

Penn State’s online arm, World Campus, understands the demands of military life. They provide flexible schedules, allowing you to study around deployments and training. World Campus offers a wealth of online programs, including master’s degrees ranked highly for veterans, particularly in education and computer fields.

4. North Carolina State University:

NC State is another leader in online military-friendly education. They offer over 100 online programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. NC State is known for its support services, including dedicated veteran student organizations and advisors who understand the intricacies of using VA benefits for education.

5. Arizona State University:

ASU is a powerhouse in online education, with a strong military student population. They offer a diverse range of online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, with many programs specifically catering to veterans’ career goals. ASU provides resources like veteran success coaches and workshops to help you navigate the transition from military to student life.


This is just a starting point. Many other excellent online colleges cater to military members. When choosing a program, consider factors like program fit, accreditation, financial aid options, and veteran support services.

Research thoroughly and don’t hesitate to contact the schools directly with any questions. With the right online program, you can leverage your military experience to propel your civilian career forward.


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